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What is a hearing aid dryer and why do I need one?

July 1, 2018

Q: What is a hearing aid dryer and do I need one? 

A: Following your hearing professionals' recommendations on the care and maintenance of your hearing aids is important and can reduce the number of repairs required during the life of your hearing aids. Storing your hearing aids in a safe, dry place overnight can help prevent hearing aid malfunction caused by moisture and debris.

That is why many hearing professionals recommend storing your hearing aids in a Dry & Store®container. This dehumidifying storage box provides a safe, inexpensive nighttime storage option for your hearing aids while not in use. The storage system is designed to safely remove moisture from your hearing aids.

There are many types of Dry & Store containers. Some require electricity, while other non-electric models use a desiccant or gel to absorb moisture. Discuss these at-home dehumidifying options with your hearing healthcare provider to see which type is recommended for your style of hearing aids.

You can purchase the Dry & Store system from your hearing professional or from a number of online retailers. Once you’ve decided which model is best for you, keep your Dry & Store in a convenient spot that reminds you to put your hearing aids inside while not in use.

Remember to clean the battery contacts of your hearing aids and remove any visible wax or debris before placing your hearing aids inside the dryer. Leave the battery doors of your hearing aids open while storing them inside. Leaving the battery doors open will allow air to circulate through the hearing aids, permitting any moisture that is trapped inside to escape. Leaving the battery doors open while they are not in use will also help preserve the battery life of your hearing aids. 

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