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August 3, 2015

With all of the confusion and conflicting messages that exist today around the impacts of hearing loss, what hearing aids can and cannot do and the process for purchasing a hearing aid, we want to provide insights to help clear up these topics. By doing so, we hope to help more individuals suffering from hearing loss difficulties feel comfortable in getting the care they need.

Not only will our upcoming blog posts be educational and aim to dispel any myths that exist with treating hearing loss and hearing aids, but they will be fun and light-hearted. We understand that addressing a hearing loss can be an unnerving concept at first and we want to help ease any anxieties that may occur by making the process enjoyable and hassle-free. You may even see some posts that bring awareness to some struggles with hearing loss that you or a loved one may be having. Hopefully with this increased awareness everyone will take the first step and have their hearing evaluated to see if they can better improve quality of life through better hearing.

We encourage all commentary, feedback and questions that can be shared by submitting your information on our Contact Us page. We will reply to any inquiries in a timely manner and to any dialogue that can help those in need seek the treatment they deserve.


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