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Introducing A Hearing Revolution - Circa AI Hearing Aids

September 7, 2018

A hearing revolution has arrived. Brand new from NuEar® comes the world’s first healthable hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. Able to track brain and body health, CircaTM AI puts your hearing health in your hands through a new mobile app – the ThriveTM Hearing app – and a suite of new wireless accessories.

Circa AI is the first…

As mentioned above, Circa AI hearing aids are the first to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. Thanks to this innovation, they are also the first to track physical activity and cognitive health as measured by hearing aid use in social situations. And, when paired with the new Remote Microphone + accessory, Circa AI hearing aids are also the first to offer connectivity with Amazon® Alexa.


Unique features and benefits of Circa AI

Circa AI offers a suite of unique features and benefits to help users live their healthiest lives. The following are just some of these:

  • Understand and see the real-time health benefits of using hearing aids - NEW
  • Overall health and wellness tracking through the app’s combined brain and body health score (Thrive Wellness Score) - NEW
  • Personalized Control for customizable adjustments to sound and programs
  • Remote programming by users’ hearing professionals to put hearing healthcare in the hands of the users
  • Natural user interface tap control - NEW
  • Unprecedented, natural listening and speech clarity in the noisiest environments with the new Hearing Reality™ technology - NEW
  • Integrated language translation – NEW
  • Wireless streaming of phone calls, music, media and more
  • Universal connectivity to various audio outlets and accessories to stream TV and music


Your hearing health is in your hands

The Thrive Hearing mobile app also gives you the most control ever over your hearing health and hearing experience. Two big features stand out here: remote programming and language translation.

With remote programming, there’s no more need for in-office appointments for simple hearing aid program adjustments. Simply use the app to request a change by your hearing professional, then once the change is made, it’s sent back to your phone for approval and download.

With language translation, traveling with hearing aids just got exciting. The new Circa AI hearing aids make communicating a breeze, by translating other languages via the app’s built-in-tool.


Universal Connectivity

Finally, for those hearing aid users who have been wishing their hearing aids could connect to a mobile app and other wireless outlets, Circa AI is a game changer. Three new accessories are compatible with Circa AI hearing aids and enable streaming of audio from various sources including TV, music devices and more.

The new accessories include:

  • TV
  • Remote
  • Remote Microphone +

Circa AI hearing aids go beyond treating hearing loss, helping you to discover both better hearing and better living.

Learn more about Circa AI hearing aids by contacting us today.


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