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Hearing Independence Goes Around the World

September 18, 2015

As a part of the NuEar network, helping others to reach their own potential for happiness and success through better hearing defines our shared mission of hearing independence. This mission has gone beyond a passion and has become our everyday purpose. Yet, did you know that several NuEar affiliates and staff members have been able to share this gist of hearing independence across the globe this year? Below, we spotlight a few of the many domestic and international efforts made in support of the Starkey Hearing Foundation's hearing missions.

China, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and many more distant destinations have all been the landing spot for many similar NuEar network members this year so far to help in providing thousands in need with the gift of hearing. As you can see in the images above and below, these trips are no vacation. Rather, the countless hours spent each week in caring for and tending to the hearing needs of people at all ages is far rewarding. One long-standing supporter of these hearing mission efforts, Ret Templet of California Hearing Aid Center, shared his perspective on the commitment in stating, "It's an incredible opportunity to reach those in need both locally and internationally to share the gift of hearing to those who couldn't get it otherwise. It helps us truly appreciate the privilege we have to are for others and help improve their lives". Picture left, Ret is one of many NuEar partners that have continuously dedicated their time and resources to partake in several hearing missions.

The NuEar support staff has also been able to share in these incredible efforts as well. NuEar Sales Manager, Jason Horowitz, eloquently described his experiences in Ethiopia in a three-part blog series, sharing the range of emotions that went into each patient fitting. Of those he helped hear for the first time he expressed, "when a fitting goes exceptionally well you see a person light up like a jolt of electricity shot through their bodies. It starts with the eyes, and travels to their mouths in the form of a smile. There is not other feeling like it in the world". As displayed in the photo to the left, the young boy whom he helped to hearing is smiling from ear-to-ear with his new-found ability to hear and his hearing independence.

As you can see we believe that the concept of hearing independence and the ability for one to pursue their own passions with the help of better hearing is something that all people deserve. As a part of the NuEar network, we help to bring this gift of hearing to as many as possible in the community. If you or a loved one could benefit from better hearing as well, we are here to help. Simply submit your information on our Contact Us page or call our business during business hours. It's never too late to find your hearing independence too!


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